The 3 Es

Who We Are

For over forty years, All Aboard Washington (AAWA) has promoted better passenger and freight rail service in the Pacific Northwest. We champion safe, reliable, frequent, competitive, and convenient passenger rail services that meet the needs of all Washingtonians. We are especially active supporters of intercity passenger rail service and intermodal connections to local transit.

What We Want

AAWA's goal is to promote the development of Washington’s rail system for the benefit of the traveling public. With state-supported services like Amtrak Cascades, we have the opportunity to improve our mix of transportation options by leveraging existing rail infrastructure in a fiscally responsible manner as we work toward advanced, high-speed service in the future.

Many aspects of our current passenger rail system need to be improved:

  • Safety: prioritize passenger safety

  • Frequency: more trains on existing routes

  • Speed: offer competitive travel times

  • Punctuality: improve on-time performance

  • Serving more communities: open stations in current trackside communities like Blaine

  • Cooperation: ensure local, state, and regional agencies coordinate their activities to maximize connection opportunities

  • Expansion: implement new routes on existing tracks where feasible, like Yakima Valley service via Stampede Pass

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