AAWA is busier than ever. If you want to use your skills for the betterment of Northwest transportation, we can always use an extra hand.

Below is a list of our current volunteer needs. If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact AAWA to inquire.



Are you organized, attentive, and tech-savvy? As secretary, you can assist AAWA with recording and distributing meeting minutes; organizing our printed and digital materials, including corporate documents; and alerting AAWA members and directors about upcoming meetings and events. Our work wouldn’t be possible without you!


Do you have ideas for better trains in the Northwest? Do you stay up-to-date with the latest rail news? AAWA’s goal is to offer thought-provoking educational materials for our elected officials and the public. We’re happy to accept interesting, informative content on the connections between rail and the health of our society, especially topics related to economics, the environment, and equity. We especially need assistance with editing our quarterly newsletter and creating content for our website and social media pages. You can play a critical role in educating key decision makers!

Event Planning

Do you have experience planning great events and making them happen? AAWA is looking to hold more events across the Northwest, both digitally and in-person. If you enjoy working with others to plan events, assist with setup and takedown, or manage Zoom meetings, we need you!


Do you want to help AAWA spread the word about more and better trains? Are you a people person who likes to help build and maintain relationships for important causes? Creating a better transportation system starts with local involvement. We need you to help engage more people in the movement for more equitable transportation in the Northwest!