Current Projects

Restoring Cascades Service Levels

Amtrak Cascades offers a fast, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to get between Seattle and Portland. With more frequent departures, it can be even better.

East-West Passenger Rail Connecting Seattle and Spokane

Residents of the Yakima Valley have few transportation options aside from expensive flights and long, stressful drives. What if there was something better connecting the Yakima Valley to the rest of Washington?

Blaine Station

Blaine is a charming Whatcom County community along the US-Canada border. With its convenient proximity to the Amtrak Cascades corridor, it is a prime candidate for receiving a station stop.

Northwest Rail Commission

Federal funding is difficult to obtain for individual passenger rail projects without good planning and coordination. If Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and other Northwest states/provinces are committed to investing in the future of our rail transportation network, we’ll need to work together in order to realize our vision for tomorrow.