Intermodal Connectivity for Rail Passengers

AAWA sees intercity passenger rail as part of a larger transportation network that should address the short- and long-term needs of Washingtonians in a fiscally responsible manner. Although our primary mission is to promote the maintenance, improvement, and expansion of existing passenger rail services like Amtrak’s Cascades, Empire Builder, and Coast Starlight, we know that our citizens benefit from having many options for getting around on the local, regional, and interstate levels. We recognize the many challenges of demographic, economic, and environmental change, and we know that our transportation problems will require creative, multimodal solutions.

AAWA believes that one of the greatest opportunities for improving America’s mobility over the next decade is in the area of intermodal connectivity with intercity passenger rail. We are strong supporters of planning, operating, and ticketing practices that make it possible for residents of rural, small-town, suburban, and urban communities to be connected to one another through multiple transport modes. We are especially supportive of improvements to the pedestrian, cycling, and local transit experience that make connecting to regional and interstate rail easy. With a well-balanced, well-designed, well-maintained system of rails, roads, airports, cycling paths, and sidewalks, every American can have multiple choices for meeting their transportation needs.

June 2020