2022 Auction Items

Please join us at the AAWA General Meeting and Auction, May 2022 to bid on these items. Payments will be accepted in cash and credit/debit cards.

  • 18 Quality “Coffee Table” Railroad Books, Nearly All Hardcover
  • 6 RR Atlases
  • 7 Regional Rail Books/Booklets
  • 27 Technical and Rail/Transportation Policy Publications
  • 8 Misc Rail Printed Items
  • Dozens of Rail Magazines (Trains, Railway Age etc.)
  • 10 Large Posters/Prints - Many by J Craig Thorpe
  • Two-tone red and white 17’ fiberglass Easy Rider Cormorant sea kayak. This particular kayak is equipped with the front and rear storage hatches and comes with a variety of accessories. The kayak will need some gel coat at the keel, but there isn’t any damage to the fiberglass itself. Included in the sale are:
    • Two wooden oars
    • Two metal-plastic paddles
    • Two sawhorses as stands
    • Two roof rack bars
    • Two sets of Yakima kayak carriers
    • Oar holders (center + both sides)
    • All hatch covers
    • Wooden seat and foam seat
    • Small wheeled kayak dolly
    • One paddle holder mount (other is missing)

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