May 22, 2019

All Aboard Washington response to WSDOT's decision to replace Talgo Series VI trainsets

For Immediate Release
May 22, 2019
Contact: Harvey Bowen (360) 529-5552

The Northwest deserves the safest, most reliable, and most comfortable rail service available, while maintaining and improving current schedules and levels of service. All Aboard Washington supports the efforts of all involved groups to determine the best and safest way to continue delivering Amtrak Cascades service, and encourages all involved entities to take reasoned actions based on the forthcoming final report from the NTSB. As a member-based educational and advocacy organization, AAWA relies on engineering experts at WSDOT, FRA, NTSB and other organizations and stakeholders. We recognize that well-intentioned experts may disagree, and we encourage discussion between all knowledgeable parties to build consensus on maintaining the best possible safety, reliability, and service.

All Aboard Washington is pleased that WSDOT is making plans to address the safety concerns aired in the NTSB Board Meeting yesterday. AAWA supports WSDOT's decision to continue operating with the current equipment until other options can be evaluated and implemented. AAWA currently lacks sufficient information to express an opinion as to whether the Talgo Series VI equipment must be replaced in the longer term, or if other mitigation would be more appropriate. We look forward to continuing our volunteer efforts engaging with WSDOT on safety and quality of rail passenger service.